Meet Tu, Ying Ming

Tu-2 at the Luckman

Tu-2 is an artist who creates work that comes from his practice of Zen meditation. At 67 years old, he is grateful for the chance to share his gift as an artist. His self-taught approach grew out of a desire to always explore and maintain a beginner’s mind in every medium he has mastered: oil, pastel, line drawing, photography, and using the calligraphy brush to create imagery that evokes a connection to energy and movement.

A native of Taiwan, who grew up in both the Hakka and Fukienese communities in the countryside, Tu-2 continues to have a deep connection to nature. While enjoying the energy of city and urban life for many years, he created widely acclaimed exhibitions shown in Asia, Europe, and the United States. His creation of 50 large images in the Mao-ology series including Mickey Mao, Minnie Mao, Androgenous Mao, Meow Meow Mao, Mao Coming, and many others that examined how a larger-than-life individual can provide a huge canvas as commentary, without words. Then, in his Timeless images, Tu-2 created a collection of paintings based on the story of three generations of the Tu lineage, capturing both the joy and suffering of a family that experienced colonization during the Japanese occupation of the island then known as Formosa, the transition to “independence” during the leadership of Chiang Kai Shek, and finally, to contemporary Taiwan that identifies as an independent nation. 

Tu-2’s art evolved from a single big personality in Mao, to hundreds of personalities in his “blue series” of portraits done with a single tool, a silver pencil. That silver put to deep blue paper produced portrait images that appear holistic and alive to the viewer. The series of 108 blue portraits are what Tu-2 calls the face of humanity – hundreds of faces, of all ages, identities, and cultures are part of the body of work he created over a decade.

Today, Tu-2 works in the digital art space. He has experimented with using technology and exploring whether the same kind of vibrant and compelling energy can be produced using digital tools and in the current period, he is learning again — a new aspect of being an artist at this moment in human history as technology, space, and time are transforming the lives of humanity across the world.


1953 born in Hualien

19– Graduates from Taiwan National University – contemporary Asian history

19 — Graduates from UCLA, Masters in Fine Arts

19– Exhibition in ___

19– Exhibition in Taiwan

20– Exhibition in Hawai’i

20– Exhibition at Commonweal

2019 Exhibition at Luckman Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles